Four to the 4 is now known as: Web Propelled

Four to the 4 is now known as: Web Propelled

Four to the 4 is now known as: Web Propelled

web-propelledYup, stage one of our little rebrand and website migration is now complete so I’m delighted to announce that from henceforth Four to the 4 will be known as Web Propelled and you’ll now find the beta version of our new website open for business (well, open for visiting, because on December 18th we’re closing to all new business or enquiries for a couple of months).

I do consider it a ‘beta’ at the time of writing, and it’s only a first soft-launch step in a fuller rebranding process, so if you see any glitches or peculiarities do feel free to let me know! At this point it’s all about ironing out a few little bits and pieces (and getting the new site bedded in to Google’s indexing).

You’ll find in the most part the new site’s fairly similar to the old one in much of the aesthetic and content, but stage two will see that change too & the site’s taken one important step now – it’s responsive to mobile & tablet devices! (We’ve been building responsive sites for donkeys so it’s way, way overdue that our own one is!)

There’s no real change in the services offered, just a fresh new website and name which better represents what we’re all about: propelling business and not-for-profits to new heights through the power of the web.

You can expect to see all of our social media accounts now sporting the new look, and stay tuned for a whole bunch more appearing in the portfolio shortly (because we’ve been very busy bunnies over the last year, so busy it hasn’t been updated in some time & there’s plenty we’d like to show you soon).

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