How much does it cost to develop a website in the UK?

How much does it cost to develop a website in the UK?

How much does it cost to develop a website in the UK?

The cost of website development does of course vary considerably depending on the project, the process, the quality and a few other variables. ‘How much does it cost to develop a website in the UK’ are words I do hear an awful lot from acquaintances though so here’s my brief summary of what you might expect the cost to develop a website to be.

Do you need a quick, cheap simple website? Or are you looking for something with lots of functionality and custom design?

This question really sets out the wide range of potential cost. If all you want is a plain site with some blogging, an ‘About’ page, no custom design and no custom web address (or URL as it’s known technically) you could set up a site for free somewhere like, so that’s a cost of £0. At the other extreme unsurprisingly very big sites with lots of pages, lots of clever functionality built in and custom design work can cost a great deal. Large corporate sites can easily be in the tens of thousands of pounds. Here at Web Propelled we focus on custom design and development of sites which require a larger budget because of the time and expertise, however we also have an approach we like to call the ‘Small Business Starter‘ which enables us to build quality sites for people with smaller budgets by using very streamlined processes and avoiding the costs of custom work.

What you’ll likely find useful is establishing as best you can what you really need and would like from for your site, what you can do without and what potential you need to grow the functionality further down the line. The clearer this is the more you’re likely to be able to save yourself costs in developing a website and the easier the process of selecting somebody to work with on the project.

OK, well how much should I be paying per day or hour to have my website developed in the UK?

This is the other key question of the cost to develop a website, the rate you are charged by the agency, developer or designer. There are rates which good research has indicated are average for the UK, however it is essentially a market and as such the matter of quality and experience must be considered when considering the rate being charged. It is fair to say that you get what you pay for and a cheap rate means lower quality and less experience. There are of course some slight variations though with some people – often larger agencies – charging more than their experience or expertise really warrants, or occasionally talented people charging less than their market worth for whatever reason (we’re often told our rates are too low, though they go up annually and are currently under review for a possible rise). There are also of course different roles, with designer rates often varying from developer rates.

At the time of writing though a rough average for a day (according to the IT jobs tracking service ITJobsWatch) is from £275 – £350 (and recently that has increased by around £20 per year. As I say though this varies and to be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for it’s important to form a good idea about the people you’re considering working with by doing things like examining what previous work they’ve done and taking recommendations from others of good developers they’ve used where possible.

It’s also important to remember that not everybody in the UK is clear about how they price their website design and development, or they just prefer costing ‘per project’, in which case you need to compare overall costs.

Fine, so I have an idea about the rates, how many days will my website take to build?

This takes us back to the question of the project size, but also brings in the matter of the process. There isn’t one single process used by all people and agencies in producing a website, so one person’s approach may involve a lot more days than another’s. Again there’s an element of quality consideration to this, typically a more thorough process will produce a more professional final website and so the cost is higher. This shows how it’s important to consider the process that the people you’ll be working with will use or suggest using.

You want to hear some figures though don’t you? OK, well here are a few example situations:

Lets imagine a website likely to involve a lot of pages and unique designs, a thorough and professional process, and custom design and development. A fairly typical process (get in touch to discuss our process and how we could work with you) might involve elements of defining the project, planning the project, designing the project, developing the project and testing the project (this is a gross simplification and just for our quick example costing purposes). If that were 5 days per each of those stages (it could very likely be much more) that’s 25 days, which at the average above is £6,875 – £8,750.

Lets also imagine a website with a more basic process, a single design with no adjustments and just a couple of pages. Perhaps this could involve (again, a simplified example) 2 days total planning, 3 days total design and 3 days total development, bringing us to something like £2,200 – £2,800.

We can see then how it’s easy for the costs to vary considerably (and also how a quality solution is often out of reach for smaller budgets, hence our Small Business Starter offering).

In Summary:

  1. To help yourself get a clear idea of the likely cost of a website as easily and soon as possible try to establish your needs for the site as clearly as possible, bearing in mind that the more you need the more work likely and therefore the higher the likely cost.
  2. Do your research on potential partners for your website project so you can better establish whether they’re likely to be worth the money they’re charging you.
  3. Consider the process that the project is going to involve, and talk to the potential developers about the process you can expect in working with them.
  4. …and finally why not take a look around our website to get a feel for what we can offer, and whether you’re looking for a fully custom website with a complete branding process or something basic and affordable yet professional do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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