We now offer WordPress Website management plans

We now offer WordPress Website management plans

We now offer WordPress Website management plans

Keeping your website secure and up to date

WordPress isn’t intrinsically insecure, but you know what is? An out of date WordPress website. Barely a week seems to go by without some security scare and resulting WordPress updates.

Why does that matter? In short: if your website’s important to you or your business so should its maintenance be, not to mention the security of the visitors to your website.

Is your WordPress website fully up to date? If not why not?

If not I can make a good guess at the reason and it’s perfectly understandable: it takes time to keep on top of updates and security for your website, and what if you update and something breaks? What if you’ve forgotten to take a back-up, or need the resulting issued fixed up immediately? You may end up with your website temporarily broken or out-of-action, not to mention your reputation and status in search results damaged for the long-term.

That’s where our WordPress Website Management comes in!

A professional website deserves professional maintenance and that’s what we can provide. I’m pretty excited to finally formulate a way to affordably offer this to clients to be honest, as it’s something that’s requested by clients on a regular basis… I’m not sure ‘formulate’ does it justice though, I’ve put together what I think are 3 really good plans to look after the maintenance of WordPress websites (and we’re not talking ‘just’ the security here).

I wont cover everything here, I’d ask that you visit the service page to find out more, but in brief summary we’re now offering monthly plans to professionally maintain your WordPress website for you, with features such as:

  • A monthly maintenance work allowance (so if any bugs do come about I’ve got you covered)
  • Backups done for you, and securely stored off-site
  • Updates done for you, with rapid roll-out of security updates
  • On-site and off-site security & malware scans
  • Regular site clean-ups
  • A discounted £25 per hour rate for any further maintenance work
  • …and more

And to celebrate the launch I’m offering a one-off subscription discount that lasts… forever

The three plans are already reasonably priced, ranging from £29 per month up to £89 per month, but I’m offering a £5 per month discount for sign ups to the PROpelled or PROpelled+ plans before Friday 8/05/15, and the monthly discount will then last for as long as you continue to receive the service. Yep, not just for a promotional period – your discount will NEVER expire as long as your subscription continues.

It is possible I’ll do further little promo’s in the future but after Friday May 8th I don’t intend to EVER offer a discount larger than this (or that runs as long as your subscription does. Any future promo sign-ups will revert to full price after a number of months).

To receive the discount on signing up for a plan with the secured form just paste or type the following code into the ‘Promotion Code’ box:


Do feel free to let anybody you know who runs a WordPress-based website know so that they can get this limited discount too.

Any questions?

If you’ve any questions at all about the plans or signing up feel free to get in touch!