AKD Furniture

What Andrew was looking for

The engaging AKD Furniture homepage

The engaging AKD Furniture homepage

Andrew already had a well established eCommerce site, which was responsible for a high volume of business trade every month. He was already aware of the benefits of WordPress as a website solution, having built a simple WordPress site up himself, however he was aware that the patch-up approach he’d been using to his site had now left him with a far from optimal order processing system and an increasingly outdated appearance to the site.

He wanted a cleaner website appearance, more user-friendly navigation of the products available, a touch more ‘web 2.0’ to the site functionality (such as sliding galleries), an improved ‘back-end’ for managing the orders, and of course it would all need to be seamlessly migrated into position in place of his existing site.

Andrew got on to us with his needs and we were more than happy to help!

Responsive design adapts to viewing on mobile devices

Responsive design adapts to viewing on mobile devices

What we did

Having offered Andrew a range of suitable approaches to the project a decision was made to work from an existing premium theme design. We shortlisted 5 suitable themes for Andrew based on outlined criteria, as well as a summary of the 3 most suitable WordPress eCommerce solutions to make use of. Having agreed the theme and eCommerce architecture to work from we got started with the site build!

Building on a development/test site we securely installed and fully configured the new WordPress site, theme and eCommerce system and replicated the pages & structure of the existing site on top. A representative sample of product was implemented, the site previewed and refinements were then made to the site’s functionality and design to bring it completely inline with Andrew’s needs. Once complete and all products were move to the new site we were ready for the migration to replace the current site!

‘Redirects’ were prepared to ensure that all existing page addresses would correctly arrive at the corresponding new page once the move was complete (and their SEO ‘credit’ preserved in the process) and we completed the migration. A minimal amount of ‘downtime’ during the out-of-hours migration meant any interruption to Andrew’s business was kept at an absolute minimum and a seamless switch to the new site was completed. Andrew now had an updated site, responsive to mobile viewing, with a much improved experiecne for both his customers and himself.

The outcome:

A product page, promoting related products

A product page, promoting related products

We were very pleased to help Andrew, and leave him with a refreshed and renewed site which he could extend, enhance and generally tinker with to his hearts content.

More importantly though Andrew was pleased saying:

“Really impressed with the service. The change over to my new web design went very smoothly and without a hitch. If there was any downtime I did not notice! Thanks also for answering all my questions and more than happy to recommend your services.”

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