What they were looking for

By_Association Screenshot

An image on a By_Association gallery page

The By_Association website needed building ‘to specification’ based on layered Photoshop images representing the layout of the completely bespoke design. It needed to be implemented on top of WordPress to make it flexible and easy to update later. Designed to showcase images, galleries were a crucial part of the design spec.

What we did

Using ‘Cascading Style Sheets’ (CSS) and image editing we built the website to be a perfect representation of the By_Association bespoke design.

Using WordPress as the content management system underneath the site we integrated a vertical ‘concertina’ menu, a slick gallery and also built in custom JavaScript code to create the intended dynamic text fields which give the site a cutting-edge look whilst remaining eye-pleasing.

With its highly stylised look and vertical menu (not typically used for WordPress sites) we believe our work on the By_Association website is a great representation of our ability to provide completely unique, unconventional website solutions built on top of the WordPress framework.

You can view the By_Association website here.

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