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What Emma was looking for

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Emma came to Web Propelled looking for help with the website for her language training centre based in Rotterdam. She’d already spent good time & money having a new look designed for the CBE Languages (or ‘Centre for British English’) website & wanted to keep that, but things weren’t working out with the development of the site or with the existing webhost.

An intended move from a differently branded previous website name to the new one had also resulted in duplicate domain content, which was already starting to damage the site in search engine results. Add to that a poor webhost who were altering configurations without being requested & it was becoming a bit of a mess which Emma needed a hand sorting out.

It became apparent that what was needed was a site Emma could easily update by herself in future, plus some SEO work to ensure it was working better for the good of CBE Languages. A complete server migration to a new web host would be needed, with a newly developed site preserving previously built up SEO links & ‘good-will’ with search engines.

What we did

A CBE Languages Information Page

Information-rich pages with an easy switch to Dutch language versions.

The first step was to perform an SEO analysis, providing reports covering: a longlist & shortlist of ‘keywords’ the site could effectively target, an overview of competitors for those keywords and guidance on improving SEO performance for CBE Languages.

We also analysed how the current website was performing in search engine optimisation & provided recommendations on how the discoveries that had been made in this process could be best implemented to benefit CBE Languages.

These first steps guided the next stage: a wholesale transformation of the existing site and migration to a new webhost server.

With our website redesign plan as a starting template we firstly developing a WordPress website & theme duplicating the already developed website design. We coded the theme with a ‘multi-language versions’ structure to more effectively manage visitor use of Dutch or English versions of pages, with page code automatically identifying the alternative language page version so as not to be considered ‘duplicate’ by Google which damages SEO. ‘Server redirections’ were put in place to ensure continuity for visitors to the site (& preservation of SEO ‘good will’) & our recommendations from the earlier SEO reporting were put in place to ensure the new site was vastly improved in how SEO effective it was.

The outcome:

The CBE Languages Homepage

The CBE Languages Homepage

Aside from a few visual improvements along the way the site looked almost exactly the same to visitors before & after the changes, which is just what we’d aimed for! Behind the scenes though we’d enacted a complete transformation, with a powerful yet easy to use new site with SEO considerations at the top of the agenda.

We’re really happy with what we’ve been able to do for CBE Languages & like to think the website’s had a bit of a ‘phoenix from the flames’ moment. Just as importantly though Emma seemed very happy with our work, saying:

“Working with Web Propelled was a like a breath of fresh air. Geoff took our messy, old site and turned it into a sleek, highly-functional tool which enables us to attract a lot more customers and, therefore, grow as a business. The help and support was exceptional and we look forward to working with them again.”

View the CBE Languages website, and why not get in touch to develop your English or Dutch language skills?

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