Our Rates – 2017

Every bit of work we do is a unique project

…but we feel it’s important to be as clear as possible about the costs involved in any work we do so find listed here our current rates (which are subject to change, and currently reviewed every January).

Web Development work
WordPress Support & Maintenance work

£250 per day.
£40 per hour (minimum charge of £50)

Branding & Bespoke Design work

£250 per day.

1-to-1 WordPress Training (on location within London)

£45 per hour (Minimum of 2 hours, 3 is recommended).
A 2nd trainee can be included in a 1-to-1 session for a £15 per hour supplement.

Accelerated Delivery supplements
We understand that clients old and new occasionally have an extremely urgent short-term project come up out of the blue that requires quite immediate action. We will do our best to help in these situations but are often already booked up. When we are able to accommodate these and push them to the front of the queue an Accelerated Delivery supplement will be added to recompense us for needing to delay existing work (you might think of it as similar to an emergency call-out rate for a plumber or glazier).

The additional supplement is currently 50% on top of our day rate or 100% on top of our hourly rate. We will make it clear to you in advance if the work is so short notice as to require an Accelerated Delivery supplement but typically this will mean projects of 2 hours or more needed within 48 hours or projects of a day or more needed within 5 working days.

Custom Website Design & Development
Our bespoke websites cater to your every design & functionality need. Matched to your needs & budget we’ll develop a project plan to determine, develop & deliver the website you need.

Using our expertise we’ll craft a look & feel a cut above the rest (with a full ‘branding’ process available) and underlying technology at the cutting edge. There’s no set price for projects like this but it’s reasonable to expect a final cost from £1,000 – £10,000, depending of course on the specific requirements of the project. Get in touch with your project brief or initial ideas & needs & we can get started shaping a solution for you.

WordPress Training
1-to-1 training, group sessions and tailor-made training programmes are available, find out more about our WordPress training or contact us to discuss your precise needs.
WordPress Website Management
If you lack the time or technical know-how to keep your website well-maintained, up-to-date and secure let us do that for you. We offer a range of WordPress Website Management plans that will leave you able to get on with the main purpose of your website whatever that may be.
'Small Business Starter'

£ 365

… or £499 for our ‘Assisted Small Business Starter’

Visit our ‘Small Business Starter’ page to find out more about what’s included.

Please note that the website plan costs exclude domain-name & web-hosting because many people already have these and we see no sense in people paying for it twice! They are required, but you won’t need them until we get started on the site (we’ll remind you at that stage). You can get a domain-name & hosting for approx £5 per month, or £50 for a year, from our recommended host Clook Internet Services (Their ‘Shared Hosting’ package ‘shared-2’ is sufficient for most needs. Their service & support also really is second to none we’ve come across!) If you’re looking for something even cheaper but still very good we also host some websites on TSO Host and have also found them to be really good.