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What they were looking for

Screenshot of Proved's Homepage

The Proved Pizza homepage

Ian at Proved Pizza needed a website that was simple to use, but with social media functionality tied in and a custom logo with matching colour-scheme styling. Something friendly but modern and stylish. He also wanted to give his business a kick-start with search engine optimisation. As a start-up small business affordability was also very important.

What we did

Website design

Our partner By_Association styled a great, themed logo representing pizza dough ‘proving’ (or rising) and identified a friendly font perfect for Proved, in addition to design for the van. We then built the website on the flexible base of WordPress, integrating and customizing functionality such as a slide-show, ‘events’ functionality for showing where the pizza van would be and integration with Facebook & Twitter.

The site was custom styled using the warm, inviting colours identified for use in the logo and embedding of the custom fonts.

Search Engine Optimisation

From start to finish SEO was considered in our website build. We selected the domain name, with a specific view to targeting the keyword ‘pizza van’. Titles, page descriptions, content wording and internal linking were then all honed to target other keywords which SEO analysis had identified as valuable and achievable for the business on the budget.

As a result of our SEO work Proved has managed to reach front-page on (as high as 2nd place at last check) for valuable targeted terms such as ‘pizza catering’, ‘pizza van catering’, ‘wood-fired pizza van’ and several more related.

Social Media

We also provided consultation to Ian on strategies for engaging with social media platforms to help grow his fledgling business.

Ian & Katie at proved Pizza

If you're looking for good Pizza catering, drop them a line!

The outcome:

We were really pleased to be able to give Ian the great solutions he was looking for, whilst keeping the price very affordable. We were particularly pleased to know that our SEO work had resulted in hundreds of pounds worth of bookings through Google searches. You just can’t beat the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped somebody succeed with their business (though the delicious freebie pizza Ian gave us as thanks was damn satisfying too! ;o) )

Ian was a very satisfied customer, saying:

“You’ve really helped get my business on its way, thanks guys! The website design and SEO work has already brought me many new customers.”

You can see the Proved Pizza site here (or just Google them and you’ll find them instantly ;o)  )

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