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Our ‘Small Business Starter’ Plan

Perfect if you want a secure, professional, beautiful website without the costs of bespoke design

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Our Small Business Starter (& Assisted Small Business Starter) plans are less inclusive at their core than a custom website development but will still provide you with a professional and stylish website (click here for a few examples of websites we’ve built on our Small Business Starter plans). They don’t include the full project planning and development processes of bespoke work but enable us to use our expertise to build great websites for a smaller budget.

They’re just blueprints, so we can add to them according to your particular needs and once it’s all agreed we’ll get going with the process of building your site. (Don’t worry if you’re not even too sure what you need, we can help you decide that. Plus if you change your mind along the way then additional hours of work can always be added on for you).

Typically we complete our ‘Small Business Starter’ websites within 10 working days of receiving your site content (there’ll be an explicit promise on that in our work agreement with you) so we can get you up and running in no time.


..a secure, professional website built for you, & a helping hand selecting a suitable theme.
Perfect for small businesses starting out online, we build a beautiful site for you but without the costs involved with bespoke design.


We find people often spend hours browsing WordPress themes, then find the one they buy isn’t fit for the job after all. Tapping in to our expert knowledge of WordPress we will create a short-list of 5 themes suited to your design & functionality needs, outline their strengths, & then build out a great site for you with the theme you decide on.


Once you’ve decided on the theme you’d like to use we’ll provide it at no additional cost.


Your site will be built using the Content Management System WordPress, but for security reasons we never use those automated ‘one-click’ installs. Instead we manually apply a number of technical alterations to the default configurations of WordPress, to provide your site with extra security from malicious attacks, and add a firewall and automatic backups.


As standard we install 4 ‘Pro’ standard plugins on your site for you, providing it with:

A Firewall
Automatic Backups
A ‘Maintenance’ mode
Improved SEO performance


Every website we build will, as a minimum, feature:

  • Simple Content Updating
  • News/Blog Functionality
  • A ‘Maintenance Mode’
  • Search Engine Friendly (& simple for you to alter your own SEO settings)


Your logo will be added in to the key areas set in the chosen theme for logo use (usually the ‘header’ of your site).

If additionally you’d like a logo providing too just let us know & we can provide this extra, from a simple & affordable ‘logotype’ to a professional branding service.


Using your provided text, images (up to 15) or video (up to 5) we build & configure up to 5 pages for you (& create a menu to help people find them of course!). For the average small business this is sufficient, but we can of course add more at additional cost if required.


We aim to provide great websites, & a great website lasts many years, so we provide you with documentation to support your use of your site in the future. Namely:

  • An ‘Implementation & Usage’ report
  • An ‘Easy WordPress’ guide

The report will help to guide you in using & maintaining your site, but also provide details about how your site has been put together should you ever need them. The ‘Easy WordPress’ guide will help guide you in your day-to-day use of your website.


£ 365

Plus, optionally:
Assisted Small Business Starter

For a cost of £499 this version of the Small Business Starter provides everything above plus support on every step of the process not just in short-listing themes. So if as we go you need advice on putting your content together, on the configuration settings in your theme, or on any of the bits & pieces related to getting your website going just drop us an email or give us a call & we’ll help you along.

Need further Social Media Integration?

Many themes include social media integration, & this could be a requirement when we shortlist for you, but if the selected theme doesn’t include the type of social media integration you’re looking for we can offer a customised implementation for a small additional cost.

Social Media is an increasingly important part of a successful website, but people’s needs frequently vary on this so it’s worth thinking this through before theme selection. For example do you just want links to your profiles? Do you want ‘Like’ buttons integrating on every page, or perhaps just some? Do you want ‘Pinterest’ included, or your latest ‘Tweets’ displayed?

Want to make your site even more individual?

Having selected a theme well suited to your needs additionally we can take it the extra mile for you. For an additional cost we can customise the colours, fonts & borders of the theme as appropriate to give your site a unique style matched to your brand or provided logo.

Need eCommerce integrating too? Or some other extra functionality integrating?

No problem, just let us know & we can let you know what additional cost would be involved to get that done for you as well.

Contact us to discuss in advance exact prices to include any other specific functionality, or if you’re looking for something a bit different from the above.

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