Startup website design

A fresh, slick lookBiznizz screenshot

The slick look of ‘Biznizz’ makes it a perfect startup website design, perfect for promoting a new tech product. Not to say that’s all it’s good for, it also works great for any small business wanting a really ‘fresh’ look. We can build you an affordable, professional website using this great design.

Dynamic ‘featured’ area of homepage

So you can showcase your work or products with style.

Customisable homepage layout

Including ‘mini-features’ to easily produce eye-catching content areas.

Custom typography

You can customise the typography in use to match the look you’d like, including support for ‘Google Fonts’.

Portfolio page template

Using a stylish ‘light-box’ for an area cataloguing product features, clients or work examples.

Alternate styles

10 alternate colour styles and styling options mean your website can be built to be unique.

Custom widgetsBiznizz ScreenshotBiznizz screenshot

‘Widget’ areas in the sidebar & footer can be used to show immersive content, from widgets such as those included for Twitter, Flickr & more.

Example of this theme in action:
Who Needs Ink, Harley Court Cosmetics, Lasting Actions Charity.

(Example sites only intended as illustration as they don’t represent a ‘set plan’ install performed by us, & the site owners made use of customisation)

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There’s more than just design to the themes we use for our website builds though, read on to find out about some of the power behind them.

The Framework

Framework screenshotThe theme is built upon a very powerful framework using a reliable and structured code base meaning any future customisation is made much easier, plus of course plenty of built-in functions of the framework which are sorely lacking in other themes.

Compatability across browsers

Tested and confirmed compatible with all modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

SEO options

Some built-in functionality for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ plus also support for the most powerful SEO plug-ins available currently (including those the Web Propelled site makes use of, of course).

Image resizer screenshotTheme customisation options

Switching colour scheme, updating your logo or adding tracking functionality in is easy with the built-in options panel.

Manage your sidebars

Replace all your footer and sidebar ‘widget’ sections with your own custom ones.

Image auto-resizing

Built in functionality scales the images you post so there’s no need to alter all your images if you alter the site.

Ready for translation

A language file in the framework means the theme is future-proofed for easy translation into different languages.

Custom ‘shortcodes’

Allow you to easily add buttons, columns, boxes, social buttons and more to your posts, pages & widgets.

Custom templates

Make new pages with sidebars, without sidebars, as site archives or site maps with the click of a button.


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