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What The Gravy Sirens were looking for

The Gravy Sirens homepage

The Gravy Sirens homepage

‘The Gravy Sirens’, or Di & Alex if you will, decided they wanted to turn their culinary expertise to the burgeoning ‘street food’ scene. They’d got a great concept developed (proper, classic British foods served with a smile from a converted Chevy ambulance, what’s not to like!?) & were almost ready to roll, except: these days everybody needs a website right? A slinky, stylish, easy to use one which matched their retro feel was the order of the day. We’ve always really enjoyed our work on websites for people working on the street food scene so were really pleased they came to us to help make that happen.

What we did

WordPress was the foundation for our recipe, so the first step was building that in place. From scratch of course, no pre-mixed one-click install because it’s just not as tasty (for tasty read: secure) unless the configuration is done by hand. The Namesco hosting needed rather technical tweaking to work with WordPress but that was no problem (our favoured host by the way is Clook).

Having already identified & agreed one of the themes we own as being a great starting point for the site we got that in place, & once it was configured (including integration of social media plugins to help the website be ‘social’) set up the 5 agreed pages with the provided text & images.

We also ensured that the existing logo for The Gravy Sirens was sympathetically reflected in the design, setting up a similar styled free font for heading use & a clean font for body text. Colours & logos were put in place for the background, navigation & borders just as requested by the sirens.

The Gravy Sirens homepage as seen more narrow

The website automatically adapts the layout & image sizes to display suitably on mobile devices.

The outcome:

As ever we had the site completed to schedule (within a week of the content being provided) and handed over the reins of the site with comprehensive documentation on what we’d put in place & how to make use of it (& ensure it remains secure) going forward.

Working with Di on their site was an absolute pleasure. She proved to us once again that there are some great people involved in the street food scene, & it’s great to play a┬ápart at such an exciting time for their project. We think the site looks lovely, & works excellently across mobile devices to boot.

We’re pleased to say Di was happy with the outcome too, saying:

“Geoff is such a nice guy & very talented. Thanks so much for all your time on this project!! You have been dead patient!”

You can view The Gravy Sirens website here and check out the great food they could be serving up near you some time soon! [UPDATE: Last time I spoke with Di they were moving on to pastures new, so their site may shortly be closing down. All the best to them for the future]

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