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What Toucan Employment were looking for

Toucan Employment - Supporting People With Learning Difficulties

A homepage which immediately communicates the core Toucan messages.

Toucan employment are a charity that works with people with learning difficulties, specifically in aiding them in finding and retaining appropriate supported employment. A key part of their work is raising awareness of the great work they do, and in the process attracting more supporters and employers. They knew that in the current day and age an important part of this is a professional and effective online presence, and although they had a website in place it was growing very outdated in both it’s appearance and in what it could do for them in terms of easy content updating and maintenance.

They knew that they wanted to preserve some elements of the existing site, the current content including lists of their projects and events for example and also their existing logo, but weren’t too sure exactly where to go with bringing things up to date in both design and usability. It needed to be a straight-forward process though which they would be led in, and as a charity (and a relatively small one at that) it was important that costs were reasonable.

Alex at Toucan Employment came to us and we began to work together to achieve the best solution for them.

What we did

Employers - Toucan Employment

Pages feature a sidebar to easily engage the visitor with events and blog updates.

It was decided that the best approach would be to start from an existing theme as a skeleton of their new site but to completely stylize this to align it with their logo (and the associated colour palette). The first step then was to complete a ‘Define & Discover’ stage to establish more precisely the design and functionality needs of their site. Once this was complete we were able to provie a shortlist of suitable themes to serve as the starting point for the development of their site.

With this agreed a development site was built, on secured foundations and under wraps from the public until it was migrated in to replace the existing live site. The existing content was migrated over, extended and integrated into the new site architecture. A mock-up was provided of the stylized look for the new site and then developed on the site, along with custom-coding of event listings to make them easier to maintain and to dynamically present to site visitors. The Toucan ‘projects’ listings were also configured to distinguish between historical projects and current projects and focus visitor attention as appropriate. Responsive sliders were also configured to provide a more engaging visual feel to the site, and the new blog set up with links to the old blog hosting Toucan wanted left in place.

‘Redirects’ were prepared to ensure that all existing page addresses would correctly arrive at the corresponding new page once the move was complete (and their SEO ‘credit’ preserved in the process) and following a review (and a few final tweaks) we completed the migration to replace the previous site. A minimal amount of ‘downtime’ during the out-of-hours migration meant any interruption to Andrew’s business was kept at an absolute minimum and a seamless switch to the new site was completed. Andrew now had an updated site, responsive to mobile viewing, with a much improved experience for both his customers and himself.

The outcome:

Cafe Van Gogh - Toucan Employment - Short

A ‘Responsive’ design ensures the site looks great on mobile devices

We were really happy to be able to help bring Toucan’s web presence up to date, and were very pleased with the final result.

We’re glad Alex and Toucan were also pleased with our work, saying:

“The whole process was incredibly easy. Geoff gave us lots of options to chose from and kept us informed with the progress as we moved along through the different stages.

Geoff’s work was brilliant and he was incredibly easy to work with. The previous website was very outdated and we had received a number of negative comments about, we have had nothing but praise for the new website.

We are very please with the new website and all the hard work that Geoff put in – thank you very much!”

View the Toucan Employment website.

[NB – Toucan have since undergone a bit of a rebrand and overhauled their website. We wish them the best of luck with their new site.]

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