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What Voices for Hospices Choir were looking for

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A touch-friendly mobile menu

Lynda, who we’d previously run a WordPress training session for, came to us in need of getting a great online presence in place for the charity project The Voices for Hospices Choir.

They had a first draft of a design for the website, but wanted to develop from that & also implement it in a way which was ‘responsive’ to being viewed on a mobile or tablet device.

The site was primarily intended as a promotional site for a large event by the choir in 2015, and needed to communicate core information about the event and the organisation behind the event as well as having the potential to further expand by offering ticketing and resources to member organisations as well as provide sponsorship opportunities.

What we did

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Horizontal & vertical sliders to promote key info & sponsors

The project was perfectly suited to WordPress, so we got going developing a custom WordPress site build. Starting from the initial proof we first went through some rounds of amendments to the site’s appearance to get it feeling just how Lynda wanted it to.

Alongside the aesthetics we were also busy integrating custom functionality (primarily using HTML, PHP & jQuery) to implement a unique vertical slider of key information to feature across the site, and also implementing a simple horizontal ‘Sponsors’ to help the organisation draw sponsorship. These were coded up so that they, along with the design, could work effectively on mobiles & tablets as well as desktop computers, with a mobile-friendly menu interface taking the place of the horizontal menu when appropriate.

Other functionality implemented includes a simple mailing list sign-up and the potential to provide promotional resources (plus of course to later implement ticketing).

The outcome:

A website 'Responsive' to viewing on mobiles or tablets.

A website ‘Responsive’ to viewing on mobiles or tablets.

At the time of writing the Voices for Hospices Choir have yet to have their big event, but all’s going very well so far it seems and we’re very pleased with the part we’ve played in that through the website we’ve provided for them.

All the best for the future Lynda & the Voices for Hospices Choir!

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