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Every project is unique & we will create a solution to fit your particular needs, requirements & budget and help propel you towards great things.

An important part of this is process, it’s how we’ll work together to get the best out of the potential and the best out of the project, so we feel it’s important to provide clear information about what you can expect from us & our approach to getting great results. Read on to find out more.

Custom Design & Development

If you’re looking for a full-blown custom feel for your site we can build you a bespoke website with a unique design and functionality to match your needs. We’ll work with you to put together a great design in perfect keeping with your brand and give you a clear breakdown of the project.

If you don’t have a ‘brand’ as yet a complete branding service is available, covering not only digital use but also print materials. Drawing on years of professional design & branding experience our designer will shape a stand-out design which resonates.

Putting the design to work hand-in-hand with technology we’ll build you a website attuned to your audience, be that tech-savvy tablet users or internet dabblers on a desktop PC.

And what about cost? Well it’s difficult to give a clear indication without first establishing some clear specification for your particular project, but as a rough indication it’s unlikely a custom designed and developed site would involve less than a total of 10 chargeable days of work by us (click here to view our day rates).

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Our ‘Small Business Starter’ Plan

If you’re a small business looking for a redesign, redevelopment or just getting started you may feel a completely custom look isn’t required or involves prohibitively high cost. If so our ‘Small Business Starter’ approach is designed for you.

Designed to provide a great website for smaller businesses at a more affordable cost this approach provides you with a professionally built 5 page website using a pre-designed website theme (selected by you, from a shortlist of 5 suitable themes expertly curated for you by us) at a more affordable cost and you can add whatever extras you feel you need, from additional social media integration to a logo, for an additional hourly cost. Click here to view our rates.

Although the themes we use for the ‘Small Business Starter’ are pre-designed it certainly doesn’t mean they wont be stylish and professional. The themes in our own repertoire are slick, cutting-edge and full of individuality. Many are designed by respected top web designers such as Cameron Moll and Elliott Jay Stocks, and amongst other features each design includes a variety of different colour schemes that can be used. Plus our short-list of suitable themes will consider all your particular requirements as based on a ‘Define & Discover Questionnaire’ we’ll ask you to complete for us.

Each theme is built on a powerful framework which will make any future customisations possible without any knowledge of coding. Custom page templates, custom navigation or sidebars, built-in Search Engine Optimisation settings and more. Of course you needn’t do any of the technical bits like that if you don’t want to, you can hire us to take on all the configuration for you. But if you do want to get your hands dirty the power to do so will be there for you.

Any individual one of our themes would cost you more than £40 alone to buy from our premium theme developers at time of writing, and that’s before you consider any of the many professional services we also provide in getting your site up and running and configured so we think you’ll find our Small Business Starter plan really good value and highly competetive, not to mention straight-forward (as we do all the techie work!)

If you don’t feel the Small Business Starter is quite for you we can craft & customize to meet your specific requirements so just drop us a line. We can create a custom solution for you with options including online shop functionality for example. We’re confident that we can find & deliver the solution that will make you great online.

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Almost all of our sites and designs are built on to ‘Content Management System’ software called ‘WordPress’. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It made it’s name originally as a fantastic solution for ‘blogging’ on-line. Although you can still use it for that (great for providing regular ‘News’ items on your site) it’s been developing and improving for more than 10 years now. It has become a powerful, flexible, user-friendly framework for developing professional websites with 22% of all new websites built with it (as of August 2011). You can now see it in use on sites from the likes of Lexus, eBay, pop-star Katy PerryYahoo! and Spotify (to name but a few).

It’s behind some of the best websites out there, and that’s no surprise! We’ve been building websites with it for years and as it’s built on established internet technologies and keeps improving we’re confident it will continue to be one of the best website solutions for many more years. So when we build you a site on WordPress it’s not a short-term answer, it’s a website which should serve you well for many years to come.

Want to find out more? Drop us a line!

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WordPress powers more than 74 million websites

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