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At Web Propelled we help businesses and not-for-profit’s excel on the web with modern professional websites, branding and training.

We believe in quality web solutions without drowning you in techno-babble & jargon (we’re a bit geeky at heart, but you don’t need to be).

We also believe in the importance of specialism. We’re not like large agencies who so often offer services outside of their area of expertise, we offer a narrow range of services focused on our specialist areas.

OK, tell me more..

Web Propelled is unashamedly primarily a one-man business, the creation of Geoff Moss, me. You might ask then ‘why all the third-person use of the word “we” on the site’? Well, in part because the philosophy behind Web Propelled is getting people the very best results on the web, and often that means I’ll work with others to make sure that’s what you get. But more about the Web Propelled philosophy later, first a few words about the team…

Photo of Geoff

Geoff Moss

Director. Web Development, Technical & Training

I’m the Director at Web Propelled (a trading name for Four to the 4 ltd.) and the majority of Web Propelled work is done by me personally, including web development and technical work, WordPress support and WordPress training.

I’m a largely self-taught web geek, and consider myself an internet & WordPress specialist (I say ‘largely’ self-taught, I do hold Higher Education qualifications in client-side and server-side web application development, covering areas including JavaScript and ASP). I have a broad range of abilities covering PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, XML, digital image manipulation, search, web analytics, affiliate marketing, AdSense, WordPress…and all the other bits & pieces of tech skills I’ve picked up over the years (if I’m not modding an Xbox I might be using a low-pass filter on a bassline or rooting an Android phone…yes, a bit geeky at heart). I also have several years employment background in Higher Education management, which has provided me with expertise in management, project management, customer service, reporting & planning.

At last rough count I’d built dozens of websites, helping businesses and not-for-profits to make positive impressions and reach thousands more people (not to mention generate significant additional income through stylish modern websites, effective use of ‘search engine optimisation’ and targeted ‘social media’ marketing). I take great satisfaction from the fact I’m helping people to become great on the web and to see real rewards for their businesses. Importantly though: I wont proclaim I’m the be-all expert at everything (honestly, who is?), if it’s a job that needs some external expertise I’ll be open about that.

Rory Web Propelled

Rory Quinn

Design & Branding

Rory’s our main man when it comes to the design and branding side of things. A postgraduate level qualified designer, over the years Rory’s worked in both an agency environment and as a freelancer, with a wide variety of clients and brands from small to big. From houses to cars, planes to buses and movie houses to schools he’s worked on projects for the likes of 20th Century Fox, Sony Entertainment, Bank of Scotland, AutoTrader, Redrow Housing, Jet2.com, not to mention of course many of the projects in our own portfolio.

Web Propelled: Making you great on the web

We’re a small, friendly team of experts and love getting our teeth into a project, to really get the best out of the potential and help propel you on to even better things with the help of the web.

We believe our small size is an advantage as our rates aren’t bloated by excess as many big agencies are, and it means a clear and streamlined process for the project (after all ‘too many cooks..’ and all that!)

Web Propelled is all about finding the best way to make you great on the web though so where it’s apparent that extra ‘hands-on-deck’ or specialist expertise would help to achieve that we’ll embrace that – we’ll bring in friends, associates and experts in the design & web development fields as required to create an ad-hoc team to produce a great result. What we want is to make you great online, and ya know what? If I truly don’t think Web Propelled is the answer to your problem I’ll be open about that too, and point you in the right direction.

So why not get in touch and see what Web Propelled can do to make you great online? We’re Web Propelled, how about you?

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