WordPress Website Management


Is it important to you that your website is secure & well maintained?


Do you lack the time or technical knowledge to ensure that it is?


Let us take care of things with one of our WordPress Website Management plans

Of course you want your website well maintained, especially as security is important to you. WordPress isn’t insecure, but a poorly maintained WordPress website is and barely a day seems to go by without a new security release for a plugin or theme. Are yours up to date? Let us look after that for you and much, much more!

Starter Plan
per month
Just The Basics (+ Discounted Additional Maintenance)
1.5 Hours Maintenance
Rapid Security Updates [WordPress itself only]
Updates of Plugins & Themes at least Monthly
Updates of WordPress core at least Monthly
Immediate Maintenance After Updates
Weekly Local Backups
Daily Local Security Scans
Monthly Remote Security Scans
Fortnightly Site Cleanups
Uptime Monitoring
Monthly Website Changes Report
(including basic summary from your Google Analytics account)
Discounted Additional Maintenance Rate
Agencies permitted to resell to clients under 'White Label'
for + £10 per mo
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PROpelled+ Plan
per month
Includes Development Work
2.5 Hours Maintenance & Development
Rapid Security Updates
Updates of Plugins & Themes at least Monthly
Updates of WordPress core at least Monthly
Immediate Maintenance After Updates
Daily Off-Site Backups
Daily Local Security Scans
Monthly Remote Security Scans
Weekly Site Cleanups
Uptime Monitoring
Monthly Website Changes Report
(including basic summary from your Google Analytics account)
Discounted Additional Maintenance Rate
Agencies permitted to resell to clients under 'White Label'
for + £10 per mo
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Plan Features

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Maintenance Time

We give you a monthly allowance of time for maintenance or support needs for your WordPress website so for any little bugs or errors that pop up we’ve got you covered! What’s more on our PROpelled+ plan you can also use your allowance for any development work you want doing to add to your site.
[Starter Plan: 0 hours allowance]

Rapid Security Updates

We keep a close eye on security updates for plugins and themes and we’ll get them applied quick-smart.
[Starter Plan: WordPress core only]

General Updates

We’ll keep on top of your updates regularly so you don’t have to.
[Starter Plan: WordPress core only]

Cloud Backups

Your website’s important, so we ensure there are regular backups kept safe for you ‘off-site’.
[Starter Plan: Local backup only]

Regular Security Scans

We scan your site regularly, both internally & externally, to look out for security holes and just in case any malware, virus or hack does occur. If it does we can get it sorted for you.
[Starter Plan Excluded]

Site Cleanups

Keeping your site’s set-up tidy can help keep it fast, so we regularly clear out the junk that builds up and optimize your database.
[Starter Plan Excluded]

Uptime Monitoring

We track and notify on your site’s time online, so you can see how your web-host is performing and get rapid notification if a serious problem occurs.
[Starter Plan Excluded]

Website Changes Reports

We’ll report back to you once a month on what’s happened on your website including any updates, posts, pages, spam, database optimisation and much more. Plus if you provide details of a Google Analytics account we’ll include a basic summary and chart of your month’s analytics.
[Starter Plan Excluded]

Discounted Additional Maintenance

If something exceptional needs covering & your maintenance allowance runs out, no problem: as a plan member we offer additional maintenance work at only £25 per hour (as opposed to our usual £35 per hour).


What does ‘Immediate Maintenance After Updates’ mean?

A real headache for website owners can be that time after applying some updates when you discover they’ve created a funny little glitch on the front of your site. When we apply monthly updates we’ll check your site for any apparent glitches, and if we spot any we’ll get straight on to fixing them for you!

If we don’t spot them but you do no problem, just drop us a line as soon as you do & we’ll get to it for you (it’s errors like this that your maintenance allowance is designed to deal with after all!)

Photo of Geoff

Who will be doing the work managing the website?

Me! (Geoff) As well as being Director at Web Propelled I’m the technical lead & look after all of our managed sites personally.

Why are 'off-site' backups better than 'local'?
A ‘local’ backup is just stored on web hosting alongside the rest of the website. This means that if the website or web host has been hacked the backup itself could be lost. Our ‘off-site’ backups however store your backups securely in the cloud (using ‘AWS S3‘), meaning there’s almost zero risk of losing your backup.
Are more frequent backups better?
To some extent yes, but it depends on how frequently you change things on your website. If you often make changes daily having daily backups is better. On the other hand if you’re more likely to make changes once a week or less then weekly or less may suit you better.

For all backups we keep 1 ‘local’ backup stored at a time, & for ‘off-site’ backups we store 3 at a time. This means that weekly off-site backups will have a version of your WordPress website from 3 weeks ago available at any time, whereas daily will have a version from 3 days ago at any time. If you’d like your backups less frequent just let us know.

What do 'Local' security scans cover?
Local scans take a close look at your WordPress website regularly checking every single file of your WordPress website that may be insecure, and shielding and securing it where possible. It includes, but is not limited to: Scans of WordPress, plugins and themes software to see if any likely nefarious alterations have been made, A firewall against known attackers and typical attacks, A scan for thousands of known malware signatures, A scan for thousands of known back-doors and security holes, and the lists of known malware and hacks is regularly updated.
What do 'Remote' security scans cover?
Remote security scans work in a slightly different way to the local ones, they probe your website from the outside to try to sniff out security gaps that might be there. What’s more it will check all leading malware and spam records to see if there is any trace of your website been registered as having been responsible for spam or malware.
Why 'Rapid Security Updates' but only Monthly updates overall?
We keep a close track of what plugins your website uses, and our monitoring systems mean that if there’s a security update announced we’ll know about it pretty darn quickly. When we do we’ll be proactive and rapidly update the plugin for you to help your site’s security. So when it comes to security updates you can rest assured there’ll be rapid updating.

Rapid updating doesn’t suit all updates though, which is why our promise to you is that at least once a month we will apply ALL updates your website has outstanding. Some plugins are very professional and dependable and we may apply their updates immediately or within a few days of the update being released. On the other hand some updates have a greater chance of interfering with the stability or appearance of a website while only including minor improvements or bug fixes which aren’t important to everybody. These we find benefit from short delays in updating, a couple of weeks perhaps, to ensure the developer & users have ironed out any kinks or bugs in the update. We find therefore that applying all updates at least once a month balances this well with a guarantee on how regularly updates will be made.

How does the Maintenance Allowance work?
The Maintenance Allowance is an inclusive allowance of maintenance & support time to provide you with cover for those little bits & pieces of bug fixing or help you & your site might sometimes require. We’ll use it pro-actively if we notice any issues, or in response to requests from you. Support is provided through a dedicated email account.

The allowance expires every month, and we’ll keep you updated on the month’s balance when any of it is used. If it looks like there’s exceptionally long work required we’ll let you know, & we’ll offer it at our Discounted Additional Maintenance Rate of £25 ph.

On our PROpelled+ plan the allowance also includes development work, meaning we’ll also cover enhancement or extension work you’d like doing to the site.

Is web hosting included?
No, we leave hosting to the dedicated hosting providers. You can stick with the host you’re already using, or we’d be happy to recommend one if you’re looking for a good one.
Will I be stuck on a contract?
No, you can cancel your subscription at any time just drop us an email with ‘Cancel Request’ in the subject (we will need 48 hours notice before your next scheduled payment).
Can I change plan after signing up?
Of course! Just drop us a line and we’d more than happy to move you onto a different plan.
How does payment work?
Payment is by debit or credit card (Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard or AmEx) and managed by the super-secure ‘Stripe’ payment processors. Following the initial payment payments will then be taken automatically every month at that rate (until you request to cancel or change plan), with Stripe keeping any details it holds under rigid encryption. No payment details are ever sent to our server so we NEVER hold any of your payment details.
Is this what's known as 'Managed WordPress Hosting'?
“Nope, we call this ‘WordPress Website Management’ & it differs in a couple of key ways.

Firstly as mentioned above: hosting is not included.

Secondly, this provides you with a number of features ‘Managed WordPress Hosting’ (or MWH as we’ll call it here) usually doesn’t. Many MWH services don’t include active updating of your installed plugins (or they wont do any paid/premium plugins, only those found on WordPress.org. Plus the plugins you can install are usually restricted). Also most MWH wont provide you with email services meaning you have to pay for those somewhere else, whereas with our approach you can use your web hosts email services (which they usually include for free).

Finally, if you can find MWH which offers all our features above we’d be very surprised!

If you manage lots of websites for me is there a discount?
We can certainly look at providing a discount for you if you have a bulk of websites you’d like us to manage for you, sure. Just get in touch and we’ll see what we can offer you.
What does the Google Analytics summary in the monthly report cover?
The most comprehensive breakdown of your Google Analytics data will always be found within your Analytics account itself, however if you’ve provided us with access details for the Analytics account for your website you’ll get an at-a-glance summary for the month including Total Visits, Number of New Visits, Total Page Views, Average Visit Time and a chart of the total visits for the month.
My website hasn't been updated in ages & ages! Can I still sign up?
Of course! You can sign up however out of date your website and we’ll deal with outstanding updates just like we would any site. The more out of date your website though the more changes there’ll be in the code it’s using, so the greater the chance there will be issues as a result of applying updates. There’s a real chance therefore that there will be work required above and beyond the maintenance allowance for the first month so you should expect to have to pay for additional hours in that first month for dealing with a highly out of date WordPress website.